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The Fund aims to expand opportunities, so that the students who want and have the potential may change their reality and the reality of the ones around them through education. The Endowment Fund consists in the creation of a perpetual patrimony, which real gains over the inflation are used to some purpose or activity. The difference from other forms of philanthropy that involve donations is the continuity of resource generation.

In short, the financial resources are collected, applied at the financial market and the income from such applications is used to annually finance the maintenance of CEAP activities, without any reduction of the main patrimony. The creation of the Fund aims to promote financial sustainability, the continuity of its projects, autonomy and solidity of the work developed by the organization, being able to generate continual revenue and giving a better diversification of the resource sources of the institution, allowing a better planning and accomplishment of the current activities and the development of new educational projects.


Free attending and formation of the low-income youngsters who are benefited by CEAP
Investment and continual improvement of educational methodology
Maintenance of the educational and administrative activities of the organization
Development of new activities and educational projects
Expansion of social impact
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The fund was created into the structure of CEAP itself; it is managed through its own regulation, which was approved by the Board of Directors of the organization. The resources of the Fund are separated from the rest of the patrimony from CEAP and are kept in different current accounts from the entity. Investments management is one the essential pillars to the success of the Fund, once it is directly connected to the continuity of the capital. To be able to respond to such importance, CEAP Fund counts on an Investment Committee, which is formed by (three) trustworthy members and who have notorious competency asset and resources management. Such Council, which has current meetings, is in charge of suggesting an Investments Policy to the Administration Council, who establishes the guidelines to the application of the resources of the patrimonial fund.

Thus, CEAP Fund attends the precepts of governance, transparency and professionalism.


87% of the students enter the university up to 3 years after graduating at CEAP. Among them: PUC-SP, Unicamp, Mackenzie, ITA–Technological Institute of Aeronautics, among many others.

70% of the students enter the job market up to 3 months after graduating at CEAP.

The professional graduated at CEAP has access to a modern structure, with labs from many different areas: Electricity, Informatics, Computing, Computer Network, Robotics and Automation. That helps for a better technical qualification and the approach of what they learn in theory with what the job market requires in practice.

DSince 1985 the organization has already been giving education and professional qualification of excellence in technology, electricity, robotics, administration, telecommunications, radio and TV areas to more than 6.500 youngsters who are currently at top positions in the job market.

The courses at CEAP are recognized and certified by MEC (Ministry of Education).

99% of the parents recommend CEAP to other families, according to the Evaluation of Impact and Results survey, conducted by FGV-SP.


CEAP is an organization that watches out for the transparency of its activities, thus, its financial statements are annually audited by PricewaterhouseCoopers – PWC.

We know the importance of the communication and transparency actions to assure our mission with our donors and supporters. To do so, we have provided several follow-up instruments and regular reports with the collection, investments, supported projects and financial statements results.

Thus, we reaffirm our responsibility regarding and the resources collected from the ones who support our cause.

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