The Science and Innovation Fair from CEAP is a free event where scientific projects in the areas of Electricity, Science, Administration and Technology are shown. Those projects are developed by the students of the organization all over the year. The event will complete 26 years in 2018.

How it works

Science and Innovation Fair from CEAP – is a free yearly event open to the public which has been accomplished since 1992 and consists in the exhibition of projects from the areas of Electricity, Science, Administration and Technology which have been developed by the students all over the school year, under the guidance of a teacher.
The goals of FeCEAP are:
  • Offering a high level free event to the local people.
  • Improving the Academic performance of youngsters.
  • Preparing youngsters to the job market.
  • Encouraging research and development for youngsters.
  • Transmit knowledge attractively to the general public.
  • Awarding the students

    All papers shown at FeCEAP are evaluated in 2 ways.
  • Public Voting: each visitor receives a voting paper and they may vote in the 3 best papers, according to their opinion.
  • Technical Evaluation: A group of volunteers, who are experts in their areas, evaluate the papers shown more deeply and give grade to all the projects exposed.
  • After the counting of grades there is an award party to the divulgation of the best papers at FeCEAP in both categories, plus special awards given by partner companies. Get to know more about the groups and projects that took part in FeCEAP 2017 by clicking here

    FeCEAP 2017

    The Science and Innovation Fairs that took place in 2017, on October 2th and 29th from 12a.m. to 6p.m. and which celebrated its 25th anniversary, had as one of the main themes the search for solutions for urban mobility. It is one of the most debated question in big cities and has great relevance to young people who live in the outskirts of São Paulo.
    For taking much more than entertaining to its visitors FeCEAP, over the years, has been consolidating as the biggest event in the area where it is present, mobilizing more and more local people, commerce and entrepreneurs all over the years, besides big companies that supports such initiatives aiming to transform the lives of several people. This year the event received a record public of over 10 thousand people who honored 350 youngsters.
    FeCEAP 2017 was supported by volunteers from big partner companies: VISA, Latam, Central de Funcionamento e Saúde 10, that helped us to take good quality education to the youngsters from the region. To get to know more about FeCEAP check the report made by SPTV news, from TV Globo, during FeCEAP 2014 or access our ARTICLE.

    How to participate

    You can help FeCEAP in several ways:
  • Being a volunteer in the organization of event structures in places, such as food courts, front desks, parking lots, among other activities.
  • Evaluating projects, such as Technical Evaluator of works in Electricity, Science, Administration and Technology. Click here to register. Clique aqui para se candidatar.
  • Sponsoring and supporting.
  • Get in touch with us through the email: contato@pedreira.org to get to know more
  • partners: